The power to ...

move = saving lives
Students get active, and as they move, they unlock lifesaving nutrition that UNICEF delivers to severely malnourished children.

Kid Power Ups
Short, interactive videos set to fun music that gets kids moving, dancing, and ready to learn.
Unlock Lifesaving RUTF
The more Kid Power Ups completed, the more lives are saved – just by dancing & getting active!
Featured Videos
New Kid Power Ups are highlighted every month to inspire students to keep moving!
learn = 21st century skills
Students learn about the world around them while developing empathy and critical life skills.
Free Educational Resources
Bring global education into your classroom and
incorporate social-emotional learning through
goal-oriented activities and lessons.
Featured Missions
New highlighted activities every month. Each activity is modular, adaptable and aligned to common standards for grades 3-5 and 6-8.
The Power of Kid Power
Students realize they have the power to make a difference in the world!

earn & give = local impact

When students complete Kid Power activities, they earn Kid Power Points to make impact in their local community!
Kid Power Points
A form of digital currency earned when completing activities and lessons.
Kid Power Exchange
Students are inspired to use their points to support the causes that matter most to them in their community.
Local Impact Matters
Support a local food bank or plant a tree. There are lots of ways students can use their points to make impact right in their backyard!
2018–2019 Content Calendar

Take students on a journey of empowerment and global education with these topics and celebrations!

Back to School
Teach self-management while learning what back to school looks like for kids around the world.
UNICEF & Children’s Rights
Empower students for a full year of making a real-world impact by learning about UNICEF and children’s rights.
Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF
Inspire empathy and support UNICEF’s work to help protect and save the world’s most vulnerable children.
World Children’s Day
Empower students with activities that let their voices be heard and amplified.
Global Goals
Introduce goal setting while teaching global citizenship around the Sustainable Development Goals.
Children on the Move
Teach inclusivity and social awareness while learning about UNICEF’s work to keep uprooted children healthy and safe.
Champion’s Journey
Promote self-awareness and resilience as kids explore the idea of their “personal brand”–skills and qualities that make them a champion.
Women & Water
Focus on gender equity and see how girls’ lives are changed with easier access to safe water.
Earth Day
Learn responsible decision-making to understand changes that can be made to protect the planet.
Give in the Kid Power Exchange
Students unite in action as they support causes that matter most to them in their community.
Celebrating Families
Celebrate families and learn how students can continue their Kid Power Journey even at home.
Planning Your Journey
Educators, use this time to plan a school year of making a difference for your students.
your own personalized coaches dashboard
Get all UNICEF Kid Power resources in one spot and track your students’ progress as they move, learn, earn and give!
what Educators are saying

about the power of UNICEF Kid Power!

“I teach students with autism and they loved making the lives of other children better. It made them feel empowered, capable, relevant, and important. It was beautiful to see.”

Mr. Miranda, 3rd Grade, California

“Kid Power not only helped my students learn about and become global citizens, it made them a team! They started encouraging each other, helping one another and being a team!!”

Ms. Walker, 4th grade, Colorado

“I am always looking for ways to show my students they can make a difference in this world. Kid Power does this. My students are more active while increasing their global awareness. I have never been more excited about a program.”

Ms. Parker, 4th Grade, North Carolina

“I have seen a change in many of my students that would not have happened without the Kid Power program. They have truly become EMPOWERED!!!!!”

Ms. Chrysler, 5th grade, New York