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6 Fun & Simple Nature Activities for Kids

Introducing kids to the big outdoors can be daunting, especially where their safety is concerned. We’re here to give you some top tips on awesome fun nature activities that are also guaranteed to keep your kids away from harm. The world of nature can be an intimidating place, but it can also be incredibly fun and exciting too! Read on for some of the best nature activities you can partake in for kids.

Bug Hunting

Famously used by the creator of Pokemon as his main influence on the game, going outside and searching for bugs and insects can be a thrilling experience for kids. You can take a magnifying glass with you as well as a pen and paper, and encourage the kids to take notes on what different bugs look like and where they live. You can even continue the research at home, getting them to look up the different bugs they may have found online to learn more. They could assemble their very own bug Pokedex!

Natural Colors Nature Walk

Head out and take a long walk within the local area. Get the kids you are with to find cool examples of different colors in nature. For example, you could pick specifically colored petals, leaves or stones. When you come back from your walk, challenge the kids to match the colors they have found up with their crayons or other coloring instruments. This is a beautiful way to learn about nature’s vast palette of colors.

Nature Scavenger Hunt

Before you begin, research the types of natural flora and fauna you can find within your local vicinity. Draw up a basic list that won’t be too difficult for your kids to follow. Now comes the fun part, go out and find the items! Make sure to accompany and supervise your kids at all times, so they don’t become too over-excited and get lost.

Nature Collage

Like a regular collage, except this one has been blessed by nature! Accompany your kids outside to find lots of different items and objects from nature. These can be small sticks, flowers, leaves, stones etc. Once you have found a sufficient amount, take them back inside and turn them into a beautiful nature collage! Encourage your kids to mess with the composition and create unique patterns. Have fun experimenting!

Nature Yoga

You don’t have to be a yoga expert to enjoy this special nature variation of the classic meditation and exercise technique. Yoga deals with poses primarily as a way of practicing the activity. You may know some classics such as Downward Dog and Mountain Pose. For this version, all you have to do is pose in the form of some popular nature staples. Challenge your kids to pose like a tree, a frog, flower and anything else nature related. Make sure it’s not too difficult for them to achieve and encourage them all the way. Not only will this be a lot of fun, it’s also a brilliant introduction to keeping healthy and engaging in exercise!

Stack the Rocks

We’re sure you’re familiar with famous games like Jenga. Well, picture that game with an awesome nature twist and you’ve got something close to Stack the Rocks. The aim of the game is simple, encourage your kids to find a bunch of similarly sized rocks or stones. Now all they have to do is balance them on top of each other without them falling! This is an awesome game to teach kids about balance and shapes, as well as training up their focus and concentration. Make sure you supervise to ensure they are using smooth stones and rocks and not being caught on jagged edges!

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