How to Teach Kids About Sustainable Development

Sustainable development, or making the world a better place for everyone, is currently a hot topic all around the world. In our newest Kid Power Up, we dive into this concept of sustainable development, breaking it down into digestible bites for kids.

How Do You Know If Something is Sustainable?

Our previous Kid Power Up was led by Emma Watson and made by our friends at the World’s Largest Lesson. It talks all about sustainability and the Global Goals. It notes that if you want to figure out whether or not something is sustainable is, you ask this important question:

Can you do it over and over again, forever?  

If you can answer “yes” to this question, then it’s sustainable!

Three Concepts Related to Sustainable Development

In this new 5-minute Kid Power Up, What is Sustainable Development?, kids will learn three important concepts that are connected to sustainable development: social progress, economic development, and the environment.

Tips for Doing this Kid Power Up in Class

To start this Kid Power Up, we recommend kids have pencils and paper ready. Ask students to write words that come to mind when they hear the word ‘sustainable’ or follow along with the video’s prompts. Then, as you play the video, encourage students to write more words down. They should have a clearer picture of what the word “sustainable” means by the end of this Kid Power Up.

A Classroom Conversation Starter

Whether you have 5 minutes to do a post-video discussion with your class or 30 minutes, we think it will inspire students and get them thinking more critically! Above all, in just 5 minutes this Kid Power Up can be great food for thought to get kids thinking about how they can help achieve sustainable development in their lifetime!

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