Getting Kids Away From Their Screens

Face it: it’s tough to step away from all the screen in our lives. Not only do they get in the way of family time. Screen-based activity — whether for work or play — cuts into the time we should all be getting out and about. Here are some tips to get everyone to put down the screen and get moving:

Set an Example:

If you check your phone every 5 minutes, your kids will come to think constant intrusion of screen time is normal. Lead by example! Perhaps only check your phone if it rings or buzzes, or keep it away from the dinner table or bedtime.

Get Outside:

Get out of the house and away from the temptation of the TV and iPad. Going out for a stroll or to a park will not only decrease the amount of time your children stare at screens – it will also increase the amount of exercise they are getting and, even better, give you all more time together.

Play Games Together:

Go retro and get the board games out! If board games are not your thing you could make up a guessing game, have a few rounds of “Simon Says” or whip out that trusted pack of cards instead. Check out our awesome guide on the best gifts for kids to find some great games that your kid will love!

Set a Timer:

Limit the kids to one TV or Netflix show per sitting. If they’re spending too much time on computer games, then set a timer have them power down when the alarm sounds. Be consistent!


Photo provided by Anthony Doudt