Fun Ways to Enjoy the Stanley Cup Playoffs 2017 with the Kids

The NHL Championships are in full swing with experts predicting that two of the first-round series could end tonight with the St. Louis Blues and Anaheim Ducks sweeping their opponents.

If you’re a hockey family, then we’ve got a pretty good idea what you’ll be doing tonight when those games along with two other NHL Champion match-ups begin airing at 7 pm EST. If your kids like to play, then chances are also good that after they get all fired up rooting for their favorite teams, they’ll be keen to hit the ice to try to recreate some of the evening’s top plays.

Here’s a roundup of some of our favorite hockey games and activities from the web that kids of all ages can play to get in on all the NHL Championship fun:

Balloon Hockey: Just about every sport has a balloon version for younger kids, and that’s because kids love balloons! Creative Connections for Kids’ version includes instructions for how to create your own indoor balloon hockey rink where your kids can practice their skills all year round.

Marshmallow Hockey: Stuck indoors with no hockey gear — hockey sticks, hockey pucks, and goals — no prob, says Lovely Commotion. Just break out the marshmallows and brooms! Though not exactly NHL approved, this is a spin on hockey that just about every kid and adult can get behind!

Hockey Bowling: For more serious players — i.e. those who have proper hockey gear and room to set up a goal — this game is great for birthday parties. Set up your pins — empty plastic bottles work — in front of the goal, and have kids take turns hitting the pucks against the bottles.

Hat Trick: This is from the same source as Hockey Bowling, and is just as fun. Basically, each kid stands in front of the net and has to hit 3 pucks into the goal. Whoever hits 3 into the goal first wins the round!

For more sports recommendations, check out our sports resource page. And if you’re looking to add fun to your kids’ sports, then check out our activity trackers for kids to check out some awesome fitness and activity devices that are sure to make your kids’ more active.