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Fun & Easy Arts & Craft Ideas for Kids & Your Family

In the year 2017, most kids don’t know how to have fun without their smartphones or iPads. Here at UNICEF Kid Power, we want to show that kids can have fun without staring at a screen. That is why we have devised a mega post all about fun and easy art and craft ideas for your kids, and even for the whole family! And, if you’re looking to take it up a notch, we also have a jam-packed list of awesome kids’ party games.

Soda Bottle and A Cute Flower Stamp

This is one of the easier arts and craft options out there. The basic idea is to create a flower with a soda bottle.

First, find an empty soda bottle that has a flower shaped bottom. (You can also use various sizes of soda bottles so the kids can create small or even larger flower imprints). Okay, now the fun part! You are going to dip the bottom of the soda bottle into paint. It is best to make sure that this is non-toxic paint.

Before you dip the paint, you need to have your favorite paint color(s) laid out on a paper plate. Or better yet, your favorite flower colors. Start out simple with 1 or 2 different paint colors, with a blob of each paint on a different plate. Then simply dip the bottom of the bottle into the blob of paint, and then onto your canvas. The result will be a very pretty flower, complete with 5 petals and a bud in the middle. Feel free to draw a stem in marker or even with paint.

If you mix and match various colors and bottle sizes, you can make for yourself quite the flower garden! The best part about this arts and crafts activity is that kids can do it themselves (as long as they are careful not to drip on the floor!)

A Wand Fit for Your Fairy Princess Daughter

This particular arts and craft idea is for girls. Every fairy princess needs their wand, right? Why not take your little princess and create a wand with her? This project will only need a few materials: Sheets of foam, ribbons, a straw and a stapler or a glue gun.

The first step is to staple two strands of ribbons on the edge of the straw. Then, separately, cut out both a star shape and a small heart in the sheets of foam. The star will end up being the wand, and you can put the small heart in the middle of the star as an added accessory. Afterward, staple the star shaped foam on the same place where you stapled the ribbons.

Next step is to glue the small heart in the middle where you stapled the star and the straw. Hand this over to your little girl and she’ll feel like a real fairy princess. This easy art and craft idea will bring color to your little princess.

Homemade Puffy Painting: Combining Arts and Science

This next project will be an interesting combination of arts and science, and the best part about it is that you can find the materials in your own kitchen, pantry, or bathroom (assuming you own food coloring), and you can easily do it together with your kids!

Take out a mixing bowl, and add in an equal amount of white glue and shaving cream. We recommend that you get your kids to do the mixing for you to make it more interactive (and it never hurts to get them started young!).

While mixing, add some water and continue to mix, until it becomes a pancake-like batter. Once there are no lumps in the mixture, you can go ahead and add food coloring to each one (about 10-15 drops for each). Make sure to mix them again. (Don’t worry if the color appears light, as it usually darkens later one). In case you are nervous about ruining silverware during the mixing process, feel free to use plasticware, or even a popsicle stick.

Once it is thoroughly mixed, you can begin to apply your new paint to the paper. It helps to have a paintbrush, but a spoon can work as well (just make sure you don’t mind messy hands, and make sure to put some newspaper underneath your arts and crafts project area!).

When you apply the paint, you will see that it has a puffy texture to it. This is particularly fun for kids, as it allows them to make fun things such as clouds, rainbows, and flowers. The best part is after your kids paint their masterpieces, you can watch it slowly become a darker color, and harden a bit as well.

After about 30 minutes you will have a puffy but sturdy painting! How cool is that? This might be the most fun and simple arts and crafts project for kids to do, and the best part is that it is super easy!

Art with Buttons

In case you have a stash of buttons lying around that don’t have a home, well, not to worry because we know just what to do with them! This arts and crafts project is super easy for kids, and so simple that you might wonder why you never thought of it before.

Basically, all you need to do is paint a basic painting on either a canvas or oak-tag. Regular printing paper isn’t recommended here because you’ll want something that can handle the weight of the buttons.

Let’s say for example you paint a tree. Then take some basic glue, and apply it to the bottom of any buttons you want to use in your painting. For the tree example, the buttons are perfect as a sort of 3D colorful leaf. Now imagine if you mix and match buttons on a tree – you will have the most delightful and colorful tree imaginable. This particular arts and crafts project is great because it will allow your kid to run wild with his or her colorful imagination!

Kids’ Arts & Crafts Ideas: In Summary

We hope that you enjoyed our fun and easy arts and crafts project ideas for kids of all ages, of which they can do by themselves, but ideally with a hint of parental supervision. ?

For more fun kids activities, check out our guide which will give you a whole slew of ideas for the whole fam to do together! And if you run out of art supplies, then crank up a fun family movie for you and your kids to enjoy!

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