Best Unique & Cool Holiday Gifts for Kids Guide: 2018

Holiday Gifts for Kids That Give Back to the World

Does your kid want to forego his or her holiday gift this year in exchange for giving charity? We didn’t think so!

That’s why UNICEF Kid Power has come up with a fun list of the best gifts for kids that will not only delight your kid, but will also give back to the world in many different charitable ways.

So, drum roll please…without further ado:

Indestructible Soccer Ball

The One World Play Project has an amazing, indestructible soccer ball, which never needs to be pumped up and can play on any surface! We don’t need to tell you, but this is literally every kid’s dream.

The best part is for every soccer ball sold, one will be donated to kids in disadvantaged communities worldwide. Check out our soccer for kids guide here!

Conscious Socks that Give Water

We’ve found a gift that checks off just about everything we are looking for: Fashionable, comfortable, seasonal, charitable, and affordable.

These great socks from Conscious Step are made from organic cotton under fair trade conditions. Best of all, for every pair of socks sold, one child in need will receive drinking water for 18 months, in conjunction with

Really Cool Ear Buds

Is your kid a fan of live music? Does your local kids club have fun concerts or battle of the band jam sessions for the local kids of the community? Things can get pretty loud in there, but not to worry – you can give your kid a pair of top quality and seriously cool-looking ear buds from Vibes. They are designed for live music – this is done by lowering the volume of the music to a safer and more comfortable level, while still allowing you to hear everything! Each pair sold will help fund projects that provide hearing aids for those in need.

Handmade Bracelets

Your kid will definitely have the most unique jewelry in their class with one of these Me to We handmade bracelets. Me to We says that these bracelets change the world, and they’re not wrong: each bracelet is made by a woman in Kenya, and each bracelet sold sends donations to impoverished communities that need clean water and school supplies.

Family Red Pajamas

We reckon it’d be pretty cute if the whole family wore matching pajamas this holiday season? BedHead Pajamas has designed a fun and exclusive set of red PJ’s for all the gang. uses proceeds to fund HIV research in African countries such as Ghana, Kenya, Rwanda, and more.

Watercolor Kids: Holiday Cards Boxed Set

gift cards for kids unicefOf course, if you are buying gifts for kids that give back to the world, make sure to include a holiday gift card as well, designed by kids for kids! This particular boxed set of cards for kids gifts definitely gives back to the world, as each item sold will result in the donation of 38 sachets of oral rehydration salts, which can help children combat dehydration and diarrhea. This gift card set for kids includes 12 cards and 13 envelopes – check it out here.

Holiday Gifts to Get Your Kid Out of the House

Raise your hand if you want your kid out of the house! No, no, not in a bad way. Let’s be honest: every parent very much wants their kids to go and burn off some steam. They need to. Hey, we all need to!

For this holiday season, why not get your kid something that will keep them outside, active, and having fun?

Snow Tube

This particular gift might be a bit much for parents to stomach, but it will definitely provide fun for the whole family. We said “might”! LL Bean has an awesome stoaway snow tube that can inflate and deflate quickly, and provide for a wild time down any snow-capped hill. Not only will this get your kid out of the house, but it will have them sliding down hills ’til dinner time.

Space Scooter

If the snow tube isn’t enough for your adventure-seeking kids, then they’re sure to love this space scooter. It might look a little reckless or rather way too much fun, yet it’s actually much safer than it looks with anti-rollback protection and a handbreak connected to the rear wheel. Powerful and safe in one sentence? Yep. Powerful, safe and FUN!

Outdoor Parachute

Your kid won’t fly away in this parachute. Pacific Play Tents has created a couple of awesome, kid-friendly parachutes with handles that are perfect for the backyard. Whether you want to toss bouncing balls into it, shake it in the air to see some amazing shapes, or just let everyone run loose and come up with their own games, this parachute is absolutely bound to give the kids hours of fun.

Backyard Trampoline

When your kids tire out from the parachute, they can relax and bounce around in a good ol’ fashioned trampoline from Little Tikes. Completely enclosed with netting and padding, your kid can have hours of energetic fun with friends, siblings, and whoever else decides to join. Mom, we’re looking at you..!

Night Time Football

Why should outdoor kids sports games be limited to the daytime? Let your kid toss around the pigskin even while its dark with this super cool neon green LED light up football. This football by Diggin lights up when you throw it, and stays lit when you catch it.

Any other toys out there to keep your kids outdoors and active? Let us know in the Comments!

Unique Gifts for Kids That Give Back AND Get Your Kid Out of the House

This holiday season, how about buying a unique gift for your kid that both gives back to the world, and gets your kid out of the house? Below are 5 unique gift options which cover both of these bases. Additionally, be sure to check out our favorite Fitbit-style fitness trackers for kids in 2017.

Bamboo Bikes

HERObike was created as a way to end rural poverty in Alabama, and helps the environment as well. With bikes made from local bamboo, there’s no doubt your kid will have the coolest bike in town.

Water Bottles

Is your kid an adventurer? Then they’ll will need this water bottle made by Miir. Temperature blocking and stainless steel, each bottle sold gives back to various projects (including clean water initiatives and education), all of which can be tracked live on their site.

More Water Bottles

In keeping with the theme of adventure and water, check out this additional water bottle option by Life Straw: Pretty sleek, right? They also come with carbon capsules, which filter your water by reducing the chlorine and odor found in the water. Best of all, for each bottle sold, Life Straw will provide safe drinking water to one school child in a developing country for an entire school year. Cheers to that!

Sleek Backpacks

Naturally, any kid certainly needs a sturdy backpack to store their water bottles before they set off for on the next adventure. That’s why we love STATE bags, a nifty-sized backpack which donates one free backpack to a kid in need for each one sold.

Beanies That Give Back

With a bike, water, and backpack, we’re nearly ready to go! For the parents who always just wonder that their kid may be just a little cold (all of us!), we have just the solution: beanies from Love Your Melon. Not only are these the coolest beanies in the world, but half of the proceeds from all beanie sales go to pediatric cancer organizations.

Kid Power Bands

Shameless plug here, but it’s for a great cause. UNICEF Kid Power recently developed these awesome fitness bands – wearable kid power bands that are hooked up to humanitarian needs around the world.

The more steps your kid completes with the band on their next adventure, the more life saving therapeutic food packets are sent to save the lives of malnourished children. It’s a win-win.

Do you know any other gift ideas that give back to the world? And/or get your kid out of the house?! Let us know in the Comments!

Skip the Toys: Creative Gift Ideas for Kids

Kids love opening toys. But all too quickly, the hot gift that topped their holiday list ends up gathering dust on the bottom shelf. So why not switch it up this year and give your children what they’ll remember most: fun experiences they won’t ever forget.

Go to a show:

Tickets—to a concert, musical, play, basketball game, just about anything you think your kid would enjoy—are a great gift. Check local listings for what’s happening near you or consider a road trip to make the gift even more special. But remember, it doesn’t have to be box seats at a Rangers game. Family movie night or a matinee for the family can be just as fun and give you lots to talk about on the way home.

Teach them something new:

Does your child love to draw? Sign him or her up for an art class and give them a box of paints to take to the first class. Is she a fan of Karate Kid movies? How about martial arts classes? You never know: that after-school activity could turn into a lifelong passion.

Take them somewhere different:

Gift cards for out-of-the-ordinary experiences can make big impressions. Give a trip to your local planetarium to see the stars, a midwinter overnight in a hotel — in your town or a drive away — with an indoor pool, or a winter break cooking camp. We think experiences rock!!

Ask them what they want: Kids rarely get to call the shots, so why not let them design their ideal day and take you (and your wallet) along for the ride. Figure out where the interests lie then together map out how to make it happen. The planning can be as much fun as the experience itself and the memories you make longer-lasting than any toy.

With the holidays fast-approaching, parents are already deciding which presents to get their kids. Take a walk through your local mall and we bet you LEGOs, Super Soakers, remote controlled cars, and many more seriously fun toys will be on the shelves – and stationary.

‘Purple Elephant Charm’: Brass Bracelet for Kids

thai bracelet gift for kidsWhen looking for a creative gift for kids, you can’t get more creative than a charm bracelet from Thailand with a dyed purple quartz elephant! This bracelet has a lucky ringing bell, which holds the charm of a Thai elephant. This is the perfect original and creative, unique gift for your kid. Check it out here.

Best Educational Gifts that Make Learning Fun

Getting your kid to learn isn’t always easy. Thankfully there is no shortage of awesome educational gifts that will definitely make learning more fun for your kid!

Mini Wooden Puzzles from Thailand

wooden puzzle gift for kids unicefPuzzles can be both educational and entertaining. With these incredibly unique wooden puzzles your kid will be immersed in trying to figure out how to solve each one. This wooden puzzle gift set for kids includes 6 puzzle games:  the Snake Cube, the Burr puzzle, the Gordian Pillar, the Falling Star puzzle, the X-Factor, and the Locked Brick. Check it out here!

Thinking Putty

This particular putty is a legitimately cool gift that has some real educational value. Upon touching this putty, the color changes from the heat of your hand from purple to fluorescent blue! This putty is magnetic, and is very fun to play with. Additionally, it is a great way for your kid to learn about magnetism. Check it out here.

Bee Bot Robot

This interesting robot is a really fun way to expose your kid to computer programming. This fun robot toy is easy to understand, and with its straight forward and easy to use buttons, your kid will be able to control its movements. Your kid will learn “directionality, sequencing, estimation, and problem solving”! Check it out here.

Melissa & Doug Suspend Family Game

This game will enrapture your kids but also get the whole family involved. Participants take turns hanging the rubber wire pieces onto the tabletop stand. With each wire that is added, the balance shifts and risks topping over! This fun game for kids and family will teach hand-eye coordination, cognitive skills, and interpersonal skills. Check it out here

Best Kids Gifts for Ages 3-6

Your 3 old has begun to outgrow his playtoys, and wants something more challenging. If you’re looking for a gift to buy for a 3, 4, 5, or 6 year old kid, whether its a a fun or educational toy, then we have got you covered with our best kids gifts for ages 3-6!


This seems to be one of the more popular gifts for 3 year old kids. It was featured on The Today Show, and it will keep your 3 year old kid occupied for as long as they are awake. These squiggly things can connect to each other and any other solid surface. They are very flexible and can be contorted to various shapes. And if you separate them, they beware, the will POP! (In a totally friendly way). Check it out here.

Little Tikes Easy Score Basketball Set 

Now that your little one is all grown up and has some physical ability, and perhaps an interest in sports, then make sure to get them this fun and safe indoor basketball hoop. Obviously this hoop will keep your kid entertained for hours, and keep them physically active. Check it out here.

Bosch Tools Set

5 year old kids are at an age where they start to take a real interest in ‘adult skills’ and power tools is one way to go! Your 5 year old kid will love this toy power tools gift. It looks and acts just like an adult power tool set – the power drill actually spins, and there are removable heads for the screwdriver! Check it out here.

Computer Toys

As babies and toddlers come of age, they begin to get a more acute understanding of the world. This of course includes computers, or as they are know in the toy world: training computers or baby laptops. Depending on how old your emerging toddler is, they have various age options for toy computers, ranging from limited, basic toys, to more serious computers with realistic keyboards and a mouse. Check them out here.

DIY Doll House

Your 6 year old may enjoy this really fun and engaging DIY-style doll house with tons of interesting options in terms of design and architecture. There is a cool pull-out pool, 3 floors, and tons of figures. There is even electricity! 6 year old boys and girls will love this fun doll house. Check it out here.

Best Kids Gifts for Age 7-10

Kids love gifts, and when buying a gift for a 7 year old kid, through age 10, there are a few considerations. Most importantly, your gift has to wow them! Kids of this age are pretty active, but also curious about the world – that is why your kids gift for 7-10 year old’s has to pack some punch!

Hot Wheels RC Sky Shock Transforming Remote Control Vehicle

Nothing excites a 7 year old boy more than the mention of Hot Wheels. For this gift that is sure to delight any 7 year old boy, Hot Wheels goes above and beyond, with a flying plane which converts into a racecar upon hitting the ground! Your 7 year old is likely to be floored by this awesome gadgety toy. Check it out here.

Crayola Emoji Maker

It doesn’t take a scientist to tell us that literally any kid will love this dazzling emoji maker from Crayola. Your 8 year old kid – boy or girl – will love this gift. This emoji maker contains stamps that you can mix and match to make up to 16 different emoji designs! Check it out here.

Mr. Sketch Scented Markers

In keeping with the theme of creativity and art, your 9 year old kid will love these scented markers. These scented markers are bursting with more than just a delicious smell – they are bright and last twice as long as other markers. Additionally, the smooth-flowing bevel-tip allows for real sketch drawing that your kid can take on. Check out Mr. Sketch here.

Go Brightz

By age 10, your kid will be riding a bike around town. As a parent you’ll be concerned with safety, but how can you get your kid to take safety seriously without forcing them to wear a hazard flak jacket? Enter Go Brightz bike wheel lights! These seriously awesome neon lights for your bike wheels will both give your kid the coolest and most stylish bike around town, while also making their bike riding experience a bit safer as the lights are easily seen. Talk about a unique gift for your kid! Check them out here.

Best Gifts for Kids & Teens Age 11-14

At age 11 your kid is already looking for his next toy, but you may need to get a bit more creative, since your kid is just a stone’s throw away from becoming a teenager. Finding the best gift for your kid won’t be easy in this age bracket. Instead of your kid spending all their time on Instagram, get them playing with a new toy or gadget, meant for boys and girls ages 11, 12, 13, and 14.

DreamGEAR Mini Portable Retro Arcade Machine

Every kid has a standard video game console these days, usually as a gift from the parents. This year, why not treat your kid to something different than the usual XBox, Playstation, or Wii? How about a mini arcade machine? Your kid will have the most unique video game console out there, and it is portable too, as it fits in the palm of your hand! This console has over 300 games and your kid will absolutely love it! The 2.5 inch screen is just enough to keep your 11 year old kid engaged, making this an awesome gift for an 11 year old. Check it out here.

Emoji Drawstring Backpack Bags

Emojis are all the rage, so why not wear one on your backpack? Your 12 year old kid will be the coolest kid in school with their emoji backpack, making this a truly awesome and unique gift for 12 year olds. This backpack is unisex, so your son and daughter can definitely make good use of it, perhaps to store your gifts inside! Check it out here.

Qiyun 22 Skewb Pocket Cube

Buying a gift for a 13 year old is tricky, as this is the age where kids become teenagers, and are looking for something a bit more interesting and perhaps compelling. That’s why we recommend this awesome pocket cube as one of the best gifts for kids, in which your kid will spend hours trying to figure it how to solve it, and how to re-organize the shapes. Check it out here.

Djubi Classic Game of Catch Kids’ Gift

As your kid turns 14 and is looking for an athletic outlet, or perhaps you are looking to get your kid a gift that gets them out of the house, then we have a great 14 year old teenager gift suggestion for you: The Djubi game of catch, which makes having a catch much more interesting and compelling than kids are used to. These devices include a paddle equipped with hook, net, and handles, making this lacrosse-style game of catch really interesting for your 14 year old kid! Check it out here.

‘Tropical Rainbow’: Wood Beaded Necklace for Kids

rainbow bracelet gift for kidsThe great thing about this rainbow bracelet is that your kid will likely be the only one wearing it! Each colorburst necklace is fashioned from 10 hand-knotted strands of littleleaf boxwood beads and closes with a wooden toggle bead clasp. With this original rainbow bracelet from Thailand, your kid will be rockin’ the most original fashion accessory in his group. The best part is, each bracelet sale will bring a donation of 15 doses of measles vaccine – check it out here!

Best Retro Gifts for Kids

Kids love retro gifts, as it allows them to experience and understand their parents generations, and what toys they played with and gifts they bought. If your kid has been clamoring for a retro gift, then we’ve got the right kids’ retro gift recommendations for you:

Retro Light Up Toys Set for Kids

Who doesn’t remember playing with these awesome light up spinners. Though not as popular as fidget spinners, these light up spinners will mesmerize, creating very cool light patterns in a fast display of rhythm and brightness. Your kid will definitely appreciate this retro gift, and will probably be the only kid on the block or in school with one!

Handheld Water Games: Fish Ring Toss & Basketball Aqua Arcade Toy

Remember these? Talk about retro. These retro gifts for kids are sure to delight. Instead of a standard handheld video game console, make sure to get an old school water game. The most classic are fish ring toss and aqua basketball hoops. These handheld water games will be a great change of pace for anyone who plays them, and is the quintessential retro gift for kids! Check it out here.

Magnetic Board Game Set

Board games are a great way for kids to pass the time, and unfortunately in today’s tech age, board games don’t get enough run. Kids back in the day used to love playing board games, as they entertained and taught kids strategy and such. With kids more mobile than ever, why not check out a mini magnetic board game as an awesome retro gift for your kid? This set has Checkers, Chess, Chinese checkers, Tic Tac Toe, Backgammon, Snakes & Ladders, Solitaire, Nine Men’s Morris, Auto Racing, Ludo, Space Venure and Racing. Check it out here!

Simon Electronic Memory Game Retro Kids’ Gift

This is a classic retro kids game from the 80’s that can be just as fun today! Test your kids’ memory with this fun light-up toy, in which players must observe and memorize the exact sequence of colors. Beware, your kids will definitely become addicted to this retro kids game! You can check out this retro gift here.

Best Unique Gifts for Kids Who Have Everything

Buying a gift for a kid is hard enough – now imagine buying a kids’ gift for a kid who has everything! We’ve scoured the web and found a few unique toys and games which could serve as really interesting gifts for a kid who thinks they have everything.

Bellz! – A Positively Magnetic 3D Game

This is a brainy type game, but that should not deter your kid! This Bellz 3D game will enthrall your kid and is perfect for travel, and runs on one simple concept: Pick up as many colored bells as possible during each person’s turn as safely as possible by using the magnetic wand. Each player has to choose to end their turn before they accidentally pick up any of the other colored bells!  Check it out here.

OgoSport Mezo OgoDisk Set

 If you want your kid to get out of the house, then this is the gift for you. This OgoDisk sport set is a very fun and advanced game of catch. However, instead of catching teh ball, you are only temporarily catching it with a trampoline, then wacking it right back to the other player! These hand trampolines are a good gift for a kid who thinks he or she has everything! Check it out here.


We can pretty much almost sort of guarantee that your kid, who has everything, does NOT have this game, as it was only recently discovered as a hugely popular game in China. This sleek wooden board will really push the brain cells of your kid to figure out how to win, as the instructions are mesmerizing: “Line up four pieces which have something in common. The catch: your opponent chooses the pieces you get to play.” Buy it here.

Oblo Puzzle Spheres

If you thought we were done with brainy puzzles, you thought wrong. For the kid who has everything, this is another great gift: The Oblo Puzzle Sphere, which is made for younger kids, will enrapture your kid with fun geometry. Your kid will have to learn how to shape the different pieces of the sphere into an orb. Check it out here.

Best Gifts for Kids’ Friends

Buying a unique gift for a kid’s friend can be tricky, as you need to please both the kids’ friend and his or her parent! For many parents this can be dicey, which is why our best gifts for kids friends recommendations veer on the side of usefulness, utility, and educational – this way the parents will be pleased, and the kid will (eventually) appreciate the gifts.

Kids First Aircraft Engineer Kit

 We don’t know a kid who doesn’t enjoy airplanes. Why not an engineering kit which will teach your kids’ friend how to build his own aircraft (toy)? This aircraft set has over 73 pieces and 10 airplane models to build – both kids and parents will be pleased! Check it out here!

Mega Fossil Mine

Kids love to dig in the ground. Parents aren’t always super pleased about that, which is why this fossil mine guide and kit is perfect for a budding paleontologist and his proud parents! This kit comes with fossils, as well as in depth and detailed guide for your kid to understand the world of fossils. Check it out here.

Kids Folding Cardboard Paper House Coloring Playhouse Kit

Buying a unique gift for your kids’ friend can be tricky, but we think that this paper house coloring playhouse kit will be fun for everyone, and parents will probably approve as well! Basically, this is a playhouse that can be customized, with swinging doors, windows, and tons of space to color in according to the kids’ preferences. This will provide hours and hours of imaginative fun! Check it out here.

Creativity for Kids Grow ‘n Glow Terrarium

Terrariums are all the rage these days, but not just for adults. Kids like them too, as they are a low risk and easy to maintain way of taking care of a “plant-like” structure, requiring minimal upkeep, but upkeep nonetheless. Parents of kids won’t mind, as there are no live fish or species which need to be taken care of. This terrarium kit is fun because it is glow in the dark, and can teach your kid about nature as well! Check it out here.

We hope you enjoyed our huge guide on the best gifts for kids. Have any kids’ gift suggestions? Then message us on our Facebook page!