Back 2 School Resources for Your Kid

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Best Back to School Gear & Gadgets:

Coming back to school means a new year with new classes, after-school clubs, more homework, and extra challenges. Every kid appreciates new gear or gifts that will help make their school year easier. Or, gain some extra popularity points as well. Check out some of the web’s best back to school gear picks for kids:

  • Best Back to School Gear for Younger Kids: has compiled an awesome list of school gear, including funky knapsacks, unique lunch boxes, sleek pencil cases, and very useful leak-proof water bottles.
  • Cool Back-to-School Gear You’ll Want to Steal From Your Kids: The Loop offers a fun slideshow of some very cool and cutting edge gear that will not only make kids be excited about going back to school, but perhaps get the parents wishing they too were heading back to school!
  • Best Back-to-School Tech 2017: If your kid is a techie, then the always-reliable Tom’s Guide has made an awesome list of back to school tech items, in which they let you filter by price. To be honest this back-t0-school list could just as well be a cool tech product list for adults/parents…enjoy!
  • Kids Fitness Tracker Watches: Kids fitness trackers are all the rage these days, and to be honest, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention our very own UNICEF Kid Power Bands: Not only do they look great, but each step taken will contribute points toward donating therapeutic food packets to malnourished kids in Africa.

Essential Back to School Hi-Tech Gadgets:

There are tons of back to school products out there, but we wanted to bring you the coolest and most hi-tech back to school gadget recommendations for your kid. Below are a few essential back to school products and gadgets for your kids:

Moleskine’s Smart Writing Set

Nothing is more important than having a top of the line pen for all your homework and note-taking needs. But what might be an even better option is a pen and paper which combine old school paper and digital files. Check out Moleskine’s Smart Writing Set, which purports to transform pen and paper notes into digital files.

High Technology Pencil Sharpeners

Just because everything is digital these days, it doesn’t mean that kids don’t still use old school devices like crayons and pencils. Pencils are still very popular for kids who need to erase, rinse, repeat. In that case, make sure your kid has a top quality pencil sharpener, some of which are lightning speed. Amazon has a number of high quality ones here.

Portable Printers for School

If your kid needs to print out papers on the go, and doesn’t want to rely on their school computer room and their paper supply, it can make sense to have an easy to carry portable printer for homework, studying, and collaborations. This can be particularly handy for study groups for homework and such. Check out these portable printers for school and homework over here.

Rechargeable Backpacks for School

Nowadays kids have tons of tech in their back pockets, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and maybe even a portable printer! Having a secondary source of charging is crucial these days, and your standard charger or backup battery may not be enough. A rechargeable backpack, with tons of recharging stations, ports, and portable docks, all on your back, may be just what you need to keep on charging, to help with studying, homework, and note taking in the classroom, no matter how many or how few outlets there are. Check out a few cool rechargeable school backpacks here.

Transparent Ruler with Screen for School

Hi-tech doesn’t only affect gadgets, as there are many traditional school items which have gotten the hi-tech treatment these days, including rulers. This ruler is called Glassified, from the MIT Media Labs, and is described as the following: “...a ruler with a transparent screen on one end. A camera in the ruler can pick up on lines drawn on a sheet of paper, and the ruler can project light that interacts with those lines.” Rulers may not be as fancy as laptops, but your kid will have the most unique ruler in his school with Glassified.

What to wear on your first day back from school?

No matter the age of your kid, he or she is definitely thinking about their back to school outfit. After not seeing the majority of classmates for over 10 weeks, first impressions become more important, especially among kids.

Here at Kid Power we’d obviously recommend that your kid show up to school with a sleek Kid Power Band. In terms of actual clothes however, we’ve got a few ideas:

  • 5 Minute Fashion: In a hurry? The Today Show actually ran a feature on how to create a 5 minute back to school outfit for kids. Check out the fun video as well.
  • Mix & Match Back to School Fashion: Looking for a specific ensemble for your kid’s back to school outfit? Check out these two cute outfits: one for boys and one for girls.
  • Kid Fashion: If your kid is more of a fashionista and wants to take part in their back to school outfit, then you can sit with them and browse through very cool kid outfits.
  • Cutest Back to School Outfits: Woman’s Day has done the hard work for us, and shared a list of the 10 cutest back to school outfits that were shared on Instagram.
  • Flawless Back-to-School Outfit Ideas: If your kid is a bit older, let’s say a teenager, then be sure to check out Seventeen Magazine‘s list of 50 flawless back to school outfit ideas!

How To Decorate Your School Locker?

School fashion isn’t just about clothes. Each kid gets their own locker (usually after 5th grade or so), and these lockers are becoming important fashion statements that kids can make. Additionally, how a kid chooses to decorate their locker can brighten their day: posters of their favorite athlete, stickers, or even building extra DIY shelves. As far back as 2011, the NY Times did a feature on the school locker design trend. And now, Kid Power presents a few fun resources for helping your kid decorate their lockers:

  • Coolest Locker in the Hallway: M Magazine gives us the DIY breakdown on 11 awesome ways to decorate your school locker. Their pictured tutorials includes everything from calendars to pencil holders to custom magnets!
  • Back to School DIY Locker Decoration: This awesome YouTube video from MayBaby with some serious DIY effort required, including spraypainting and other cool ideas:

  • The Coolest Locker in School: Leave it to Buzzfeed to give you 23 ways to have the coolest locker in school, complete with images and gif’s to help your kid decorate what will hopefully be the coolest locker in middle school or junior high!
  • Locker Storage and Decoration Tips: If your kid is a girl, the aptly titled offers some awesome storage and decoration tips for your kid, including some useful resources like dealing with combination locks, as well as fun/wacky things like locker carpets.

A Few Back to School Homework Tips:

The new school year means a new round of homework. And although most kids don’t like homework, it’s obviously very important, and therefore useful for parents to help motivate their kids to get ‘er done. Here is the best of the web for homework tips for kids:

  • Back-to-School Homework Routine: Before we talk about actual homework tips, the most important thing your kid can do to make his homework more seamless is setting down a routine. WebMD offers 6 easy but incredibly effective tips for making homework much easier for your kid!
  • Back to School Homework Tips: News for Parents offers a mindset and overall strategy for getting your kids to do their homework, by having parents frame homework as a choice, rather than a chore.
  • Top 10 Homework Tips: Kids Health recommends that parents take an active interest in their kids’ homework, with 10 helpful homework tips that will help any kid overcome the back to school homework blues.
  • Homework Help Tips: Scholastic offers a hugely comprehensive list of homework tips for parents, including time management, building confidence, positive feedback, and much more!
  • We’ve written reviews of a few school-related homework apps, which help with homework, studying, note-taking, and even getting to school on time!

How To Win a Class Election:

Politics can be divisive, but in the classroom and school hallways, politics and elections can be a very positive thing. If your kid shows interest in politics, and is considering a run for class treasurer, secretary, or president, then be sure to check out these awesome school election tips and resources:

  • School Campaign Poster Ideas: Pinterest has what seems to be a never ending list of campaign posters, ranging from funny to serious.
  • How to Win a Student Election, by a Former Class President: Prep Scholar offers a 3 step process to win a student election, written by a former class president. This piece talks about marketing, and why it’s important for any candidate to gain visibility in the schoolyard and hallways.
  • 5 Steps To Winning A Student Organization Election: This helpful piece lays out the game plan for any student to win a school election, by focusing on meeting people, planning, and early campaigning.