Active Ways to Celebrate World Environment Day with the Kids

The first World Environment Day took place on June 5, 1974 and every year on this day since a host country is chosen to set the tenor of the day. This year, Canada chose the theme: ‘Connecting People to Nature – in the city and on the land, from the poles to the equator’.

Though World Environment Day’s focus may shift slightly each year, the ultimate goal has stayed the same since the UN General Assembly spearheaded the idea for the annual celebration 25 years ago:

Rally people around the world to fight global warming, deforestation, environmental threats to the world’s wildlife and, of course, pollution.

Or, as UN Environment’s Erik Solheim urges, use the day to connect with nature and “make the planet great again!”

Looking for ways you can get active with UNICEF Kid Power to make your corner of the planet great?

Begin by sharing a photo or video of your favorite place in nature using #WorldEnvironmentDay or #WithNature and say why it’s special to you. The World Environmental Day organizers are creating a giant photo album of all the places that matter most to people around the world. And don’t forget to tag #UNICEFKidPower so we can regram your photos on our UNICEF Kid Power Instagram page!

Then, just do what comes naturally! Go outside, soak up the beauty of the natural world— and do something to make it better. Like …

Volunteer! There are loads of ways to get active and make a difference on World Environment Day — plant a garden, recycle, or explore online how you can join a group that protects the world’s wildlife. 

Plan a “Car-Free-Day”: If everyone worked to reduce their carbon footprint by walking, the world would be a cleaner place. You and the family can do your part by visiting local haunts you normally get to by car on foot or by bike. Wear your UNICEF Kid Power Bands and to make it an fun and impactful adventure with the kids’ favorite playground, museum, or park the final destination!

Clean Up Your Neighborhood: Kids love to help out. Take UNICEF Kid Power Member Teegan (above), for instance, who, her mom says, “wanted to get as many steps in as possible, so she decided to walk the neighborhood and pick up trash — while helping to feed malnourished kids!” Follow her lead and take your UNICEF Kid Power band out and about to pick up litter and make your corner of the world a better place.   

Take a hike: Blaze a new trail and venture out into the great outdoors with sunscreen, water and snacks so you can make the most of the day. Need some inspiration? Check out our Top 10 Family Friendly Hiking Places for beautiful destinations to add to your family bucket list.  

Go on an Environmental Day Scavenger Hunt: This is a great way for younger kids to learn about their natural environment and their place in it. Take a walk and along the way, make a list of items commonly found in your area. As you go, talk about what belongs — trees, flowers, bugs, leaves — and remove or discuss what do do about what doesn’t — litter, plastic bottles, fumes, leaking water hydrants. End the outing with a visit to the local garden center, where the kids can choose a plant to bring home to beautify their little corner of the world. 

Happy World Environment Day!