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The UNICEF Kid Power Band

The UNICEF Kid Power Band empowers kids to get active, go on fun missions with famous champions and send lifesaving therapeutic food packets to kids in need.


  • Count Steps

    Have fun setting daily activity goals with friends and family

  • Tell Time

    It’s a watch, too, so kids won’t ever lose track of time even when they’re having fun

  • Earn Rewards

    Kids take steps to help malnourished kids around the world

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Launch the Companion App to start your Mission and take a virtual journey to countries receiving lifesaving therapeutic food packets.

  • Alex Morgan’s Global Mission

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    Go on a Mission with Alex Morgan, professional soccer player and Olympic gold medalist, as she introduces the UNICEF Kid Power Team, made up of people working together to help end global malnutrition.

    Alex Morgan is only 27 years old yet has an incredibly productive career so far. She has already won an Olympic gold medal, and has won a championship with the FIFA’s Women’s World Cup. She was also named U.S. Soccer Female Athlete of the Year.

    Fun fact: Alex was given the nickname “Baby Horse” by her U.S. women’s national soccer teammates due to her skills in speed, running style, and youth.


  • ‘Star Wars: Force for Change’ Mission II

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    Go on a Mission with Ashley Eckstein,voice of Star Wars Rebels’ Ahoska Tano, as she leads the UNICEF Kid Power Team to unlock exclusive Star Wars Rebels content.

  • P!nk’s Special Mission to Haiti

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    Get active, rock out and save lives with GRAMMY®-winning Recording Artist P!nk, our UNICEF Kid Power Band National Spokesperson. P!nk takes us to Haiti to see how music empowers members of the Kid Power Team.


    Hi, I’m Pink (P!nk), and I’m teaming up with UNICEF to end childhood malnutrition. Kid power! When I’m on stage, I’m sharing my story with the world, through music. On this mission, we’re going to visit Haiti, to meet Yuri. His song is his way of telling kids around the world that it’s time to make the world a better place. With the message that together, they can overcome every challenge. Get active, rock out, and save lives!

  • Girls’ Education Global Mission

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    Go on a Mission with UNICEF’s Denise Shepherd-Johnson to Afghanistan where she shares the importance of education for girls around the world.

  • How Lifesaving Therapeutic Food is Made

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    Members of the UNICEF Kid Power Team get active to unlock packets of Ready-To-Use Therapeutic Food. Get a first hand look at how these lifesaving packets are made, and how they are helping kids around the world survive and thrive.


    I’m looking for ways to help the world around me. Thanks to groups large and small, we have the tools to take on the problem of global malnutrition. RUTF is one of those tools. RUTF – a special protein and vitamin pack peanut paste. I’m happy because we know that these peanuts are going to save a lot of children. With your help, we can help end global malnutrition.  

    RTUF Resources:

    Technical Background Paper on Local production and provision of ready-to-use therapeutic food for the treatment of severe childhood malnutrition: Link

  • Bethany Mota’s Global Holiday Mission

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    Go on Bethany Mota’s Mission to discover how UNICEF helps reunite families separated by conflict and emergencies, and learn about the holidays they’ll come home to, as Holidays are all about families coming together.

    Check out our other UNICEF Kid Power stars!

    Bethany Mota is a YouTube star with a channel that she started in 2009 and launched her into fame. Her videos include makeup tutorials, shopping online, do it yourself recipes and ideas, as well as fashion advice. Bethany’s videos focus on positivity, and she has emerged as a leading voice for the YouTube generation.

    Bethany Mota Fun Fact:

    Would you believe that Bethany is a mega and obsessed fan of cartoons? Specifically Minions. “I’m minion obsessed. Actually, more recently, it’s Olaf. He’s my buddy.”

    Video Transcript:

    Around the world, holidays are a time for families to come together, share meals, give gifts, and spend time together. I’m Bethany Mota and I’m a part of the UNICEF Kid Power team. In this mission, you’ll learn about some of the kids that UNICEF helps, and also learn about the ways that the UNICEF Kid Power team helps families find their way home. Along the way, we’ll see some of the festivals, celebrations and holidays that bring people all around the world together. So get together with your families so that you can help save lives. I’m on the team, are you?

  • Aly Raisman’s Global Mission

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    Go on a Mission with Aly Raisman, 6x Olympic gymnastics medalist, who tells the story of millions of child refugees and what it is they need to be happy and healthy.

    Aly Raisman was born in 1994 and is a proud and already-legendary American gymnast who has already been in the Olympics two times! She was the leading captain on the famous 2012 “Fierce Five” team as well as the also-famous 2016 “Final Five” U.S. Women’s Olympic gymnastics teams – both of which won their tournaments and brought home the gold.  which won their respective team competitions.

    In the London Olympics in 2012, Raisman won gold medals in both the team and floor competitions. She also competed in the balance beam competition and took home the bronze medal. This made her by far the most decorated American gymnast medalist at the 2012 Olympic Games. In 2016, Raisman also won gold and silver. She is now a household name due to her incredible success as an Olympic gymnast, and is an inspriation to active kids all over the world.

    Aly Raisman Fun Fact:

    Aly has an incredible memory, according to her mom, and has the ability to remember minute details and faces. Says her mom, “I’ve been with her on the beach, and she’ll say to me, ‘That’s the judge from Level 4, and this is the score she gave me on beam.” We wonder if this incredible memory has helped serve her well in the gym. Considering her gold and silver medal collection, the answer is probably yes!

    Video Transcript: 

    Hi, I’m Aly Raisman, world champion gymnast and UNICEF Kid Power Champion. All around the world, families are forced to leave their homes. When children are displaced, their risk of malnutrition is very high. These families are facing incredible challenges. But we can do something about it. Are you ready to help kids around the world by getting active? 

    Check out Aly’s fellow UNICEF Kid Power Champions!

  • Laurent Duvillier’s Mission to Uganda

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    Go on a Mission with UNICEF’s Laurent to Uganda and meet Hassan, who thanks to therapeutic food, goes from malnourished to a boy who can do it all.

    Video Transcript:

    Today we are visiting Uganda, to meet Hassan. Hassan suffered from severe malnutrition. Now, he’s doing better. Are you ready to help kids like Hassan? Let’s go! Kid Power!

  • Dartanyon Crockett’s Mission to Burkino Faso

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    Go on a Mission with 2x Paralympic judo medalist Dartanyon Crockett to learn how practice makes perfect.

    Dartanyon Crockett Interesting Fact:

    Would you believe that Dartanyon was born legally blind, yet still went on to become a wrestler and eventually, a Judo champion!

    Video Transcript:

    In this mission, we are going to visit Burkna Faso. Malnutrition is one of the biggest killers of children. The problem isn’t the lack of food, but the right kind of food. Local communities are determined to keep healthy. Each of us can help end global malnutrition. Let’s get active!

  • Play Around the World

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    Go on a Mission to learn how running, playing soccer—or football—and dancing unites kids around the world.

    Find how doing your favorite sport in your garden or local park can help kids thousands of miles away.


    Playing is fun, but did you know that it’s important for your mind too. Kids everywhere are getting the opportunity to make play a part of their lives, thanks to programs supported by UNICEF. Sports give kids a chance to be kids again. We’re working together to end global malnutrition. Let’s get active! Remember to synch your band!

  • Meryl Davis’ Mission to Uganda

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    Go on a Mission with Meryl Davis, ice dancer and Olympic gold medalist, and meet Mugisha who is working with his entire family to end malnutrition.

    Meryl Davis Fun Fact:

    Despite being a well known celebrity and Olympic gold medalist skater, Davis insists on carrying her own bags no matter where she goes. Perhaps that is an important lesson to all athletes!

    Video Transcript:

    Today, we are going to visit Uganda, to learn about a boy, who’s had to put his life on hold to care for his little brother, who is being treated for severe malnutrition. If we do our part, UNICEF Kid Power team can help malnourished girls around the world. Kids all over are doing their part. So let’s get active to give them the resources that they need. Are you ready to get active and help team members in Uganda? Kid Power!

  • Tyson Chandler’s Mission to Uganda

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    Go on a Mission with Tyson Chandler NBA basketball player and Olympic gold medalist, to see how locally grown food can help the whole family.

    Tyson Chandler has had an impressive career so far, both on and off the court. On the NBA court, Tyson joined the NBA straight out of high school and played for the Chicago Bulls, New Orleans Hornets, Charlotte Bobcats, New York Knicks, Dallas Mavericks, and currently plays for the Phoenix Suns. Tyson won an NBA Championship playing alongside Dirk Nowitzki in 2011, after defeating LeBron James’ Miami Heat in 6 tough games. He also won a gold medal in the 2012 Summer Olympics.

    Off the court, Tyson’s charity work goes beyond UNICEF Kid Power. Tyson has supported DKMS, Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation, and NBA Cares. Additionally, back in 2005 him and his wife launched a charity to help those affected by Hurricane Katrina. Check out our other UNICEF Kid Power stars!

    Tyson Chandler Fun Fact:

    Justin Bieber was baptized in Tyson Chandler’s bathtub!

    Video Transcript:

    Tyson Chandler: We’re going on a mission to Uganda to learn about a girl who helps her family stay healthy

    Kid: I’m ready to get active to boost my impact and help Uganda.

  • David Ortiz’s Mission to Burkina Faso

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    Go on a Mission with David Ortiz, baseball legend, to meet two kids who are studying hard to help their families and live their dreams.

    David Ortiz has had a storied baseball career and is finally retiring after ten All Star appearances and 3 World Series titles. He was a great player up until the end, and finished his amazing career with 541 home runs. David is now a proud UNICEF Kid Power Champion.

    David Ortiz Fun Fact:

    When he first started his MLB career with the Seattle Mariners in 1992, he played under the name David Arias. It was only in 1996 that he officially became known as David Ortiz, after he joined the Minnesota Twins.

    Video Transcript:

    We are meeting kids who are working hard to end malnutrition. Get active, and save lives!

  • Maya Moore’s Mission to Haiti

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    Go on a Mission with Maya Moore, WNBA basketball player and Olympic gold medalist, and meet Sendy, a mom working to help her daughter overcome malnutrition.

    Maya Moore won back to back NCAA championships while studying in University of Conneticut. Maya went on to have a great career in the WNBA, and is the first ever female basketball player to sign with the storied Jordan Brand!

    Maya Moore Fun Fact:

    Maya has played basketball with former President Barack Obama! “He’s got a funky left hand jumper, but it goes in! It’s unorthodox, but it’s consistent. If the goal is to make the basket, he does a good job.”

    Video Transcript:

    Are you ready to help team members in Haiti? I’m on the team, are you? You can end global malnutrition. Let’s get active!

  • Cara Yar Khan’s Mission to the Friendship Games

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    Go on a Mission with Cara Yar Khan to see how sports brought people together when Haiti and the Dominican Republic competed in the Friendship Games.

    Video Transcript:

    I’m Cara Yar Khan, and I’m a UNICEF Kid Power champion. I’m Sammy, and I’m a member of the UNICEF Kid Power team too! No matter what language we speak, we can come together and share the joy of getting active, and working together as a team. We’re traveling to Haiti to learn about the friendship games. The goal is to help understand that people in other countries are just like us and everyone can be friends. Are you ready to help kids around the world? Kid power! Get active, and save lives.

  • Ashley Eckstein: ‘Star Wars: Force for Change’ Kid Power Mission I

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    Go on a Mission with Ashley Eckstein, voice of Star Wars Rebels’ Ahoska Tano, as she leads the UNICEF Kid Power Team to unlock exclusive Star Wars Rebels content.

    Ashley is an up and coming actress and fashion designer. She has appeared in Star Wars, Blue Collar TV, and the popular TV show That’s So Raven.

    Ashley Eckstein Fun Fact:

    She is married to famous baseball player David Eckstein!

    Video Transcript:

    Hi, I’m Ashley Eckstein, voice of Ahoska Tano from Star Wars Rebels, and member of the UNICEF Kid Power team! Your mission is to earn points to unlock ready to use therapeutic food packets that malnourished kids need to survive and thrive. Everyone has the choice to be a hero every day with UNICEF Kid Power! Being ready for your mission means getting active. Heroes come in all sizes. Be a force for change!

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