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The UNICEF Kid Power Band

This Thanksgiving season, don’t forget to pack your UNICEF Kid Power Band! With every step American kids and their families take wearing our Band and connected to our App, they help unlock lifesaving food packets for kids in need around the world. Join UNICEF Kid Power Champions, like Alex Morgan and P!nk, to learn about the countries where your packets are being sent to fight malnutrition.

Count Steps

A kids pedometer to set daily activity goals and compete against friends and family

Kids First Watch

It’s also a watch, so your kids won’t lose track of time when they’re having fun

Save Lives

Your everyday activity helps malnourished kids around the world

UNICEF Kid Power App

Connect the App to your phone, Smartwatch or UNICEF Kid Power Band to track your everyday activity and help treat severely malnourished children around the world!


Read why parents say UNICEF Kid Power is their favorite kids activity tracker!

“Being on the UNICEF Kid Power Team makes me feel like a superhero! Thank you UNICEF Kid Power for giving me a chance to help others.”

This is one of the greatest kids “toys” I’ve ever seen! Congrats UNICEF Kid Power for helping kids everywhere make a difference.


“No matter where I am I always wear my UNICEF Kid Power Band! I always make sure to check my progress and stay active!”

A 2016 best invention for “making the world better, smarter and a little more fun,” with UNICEF Kid Power “kids feel like they can change the world.”


Check out how thousands of kids and their families are activating their inner heroes.
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