Why Kids Like UNICEF Kid Power

What do kids like about UNICEF Kid Power?

Plenty, say these New York City students who participated in the 2016 Kid Power School Program.

“I like running around with friends to give kids what they need to survive,” says Feriyal, 9. Since all Kid Power team members get to hold on to their Kid Power Bands after their school programs end, Feriyal plans to keep earning points this summer. How? By swimming and jumping on her family’s trampoline with her brother, Alim.

Alim, who’s also on the team, says Kid Power has shown him how he can help solve some of the world’s biggest problems. “I’ve learned that some people only eat one meal every two days. That makes me feel sad, so I like to help.”

When kids get active with the Kid Power band, they go on missions to learn about new cultures and earn points that unlock funding for therapeutic food for children who are severely malnourished. Facing global malnutrition’s hard facts isn’t easy — but being able to help gives UNICEF Kid Power team members hope.

“It feels good saving lives,” says Nadiya, who just finished her second year in the UNICEF Kid Power school program. “I’ve gotten stronger and more active while giving food to other children. We all should have the right amount of food.”

Thanks to Nadiya and the 60,000-plus students who took the 30-day UNICEF Kid Power school challenge, we’re closer to that goal. In all, the students have unlocked 369,000 packets of therapeutic food — enough to provide a full course of lifesaving nutrition for 2,400 children around the world.

Mateen, 8, is proud of that impact: “It feels good saving kids just by running and exercising and giving all your power for something. That’s why they call it Kid Power!”